Who are we?

Our Story

During residency, our founder, Anatoli (Toli) Berezovsky, MD, started to get frustrated with how the insurance companies dictated that he practice medicine. Because of the way insurance pays for primary care, he and many other family doctors still stuck in "traditional" primary care had to see at least 20 patients in a day, do a bunch of things that didn't actually benefit patients, and spend more time worrying about billing patients rather than caring for them, all decreasing the amount of time and effort that could be dedicated to the actual care of each patient.

In direct primary care, Toli is allowed to practice medicine in the way that is best for his patients. He can directly answer patient's emails, texts, and phone calls. He can video chat with them and treat them without requiring them to come in for an in-person visit. He can spend more time with patients than he ever could before. He can provide more affordable labs by collecting the labs himself rather than having the labs drawn at the outside lab or hospital. And he can provide more affordable imaging by offering negotiated cash-pay prices with imaging centers.

Mila Family Health brings the humanity back to health care using the direct primary care model. Direct primary care allows Toli to practice medicine in a more fulfilling way and allows his patients to receive better care at a lower cost. It's a win-win!

Our Doctor

Anatoli (Toli) Berezovsky, MD, was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to immigrant parents. His parents had moved from the former Soviet Union for a better life, one they received here in the United States.

After being fortunate to attend great public schools, Toli attended the University of Wisconsin for undergraduate work in Biochemistry and Global Health. While there, he also founded and played for the Club Volleyball team, and more importantly, it was there that he met his girlfriend (now wife), Alyssa.

After graduating, he and Alyssa moved down to Fort Worth, Texas, where they were high school chemistry teachers in FWISD through Teach for America. They each spent two years teaching, but Toli had always known he wanted to be a doctor, so he applied to and was fortunate to be accepted into the inaugural class of The University of Texas's Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas.

While at Dell, he co-founded a high school mentorship program called the Health Career Collaborative and also received a Distinction in Design in Health Care. Throughout medical school, he retained his desire to care for "anything and anyone that walks through the door", prompting him to enter family medicine residency at John Peter Smith Hospital, bringing him and Alyssa back to Fort Worth, Texas, a town they got to know and love through their two years here previously.

He is currently a fourth-year family medicine resident, staying on for this extra fourth year to receive advanced obstetric training in both vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections so that he is better able to take care of the whole family. He is happily married to Alyssa and they have two dogs, a long-haired sassy but friendly chihuahua named Mosley and a devoted and loyal toy Aussie named Jax.