Membership & Services


We are accepting new members and would love to care of you and your whole family!

Feel free to contact us for questions or complete this brief enrollment form and we will contact you to schedule you for an initial visit or an informational session on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You will not be charged anything until after your first appointment.

Why the membership?

Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership simplifies and prioritizes the doctor-patient relationship by removing unnecessary third parties that make usual primary care expensive, inaccessible, and fragmented. This allows our family doctors to practice medicine the way it was intended - for the patient's benefit. DPC is a return to the good ol' days of medicine when doctors knew the whole family and counted patients as friends and not just numbers, diagnosis codes, or conditions.

We offer an affordable monthly membership for care and do not accept any form of insurance for payment. Membership-based care is new and different from what many of experienced and many common questions are answered on our FAQ page. Insurance may still be needed for catastrophic or unexpected events, and if you have insurance we can help you to use it wisely for covered services. If uninsured, we will give you excellent primary care all the same!


Memberships are priced to be affordable and are billed monthly. Price is determined by age and is not based on medical complexity.

*18 years and under - $15/month when enrolled with an adult from the same household

What does the membership include?